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The Paints we use can be applied to most roof surfaces including metal roofs, are UV-resistant for long lasting protection, the coating has a minimum Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of 30% reduces roof surface temperature by approximately 10 °C, Cools the interior of your home by up to 8°C, has a Thermal emittance < 1, 12-year Product Quality Guarantee, reduces greenhouse gases and contain anti-fungal properties.

We’ve all experienced what happens when we

wear a black T-Shirt in the hot sun. It makes you even hotter! Black clothing and roofs, too, absorb heat. If you have a dark-coloured roof, you could be increasing the latent temperature of your entire house. Painting roof tiles or other roofing materials a light colour, from cream to white, or any color that reflects well and matches your house, can help lower the overall temperature. You can speak to us your roof painting specialists to ensure you get roof-specific paints.

In summer, you rely on the roof over your head to keep you cool and out of the sun. However, that same hot weather that you’re trying to get away from could be damaging your roof. Extreme weather conditions affect your tiles or metal roofs in different ways. While most roofs have an average lifespan of 15-20 years, the hot summer weather could speed that up a little bit. To avoid premature roof repair, be aware of how different climates could impact your roof. Take time to perform inspections and maintain your roof as required to ensure that it stays in good condition all year long.

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Chrystal Williams
Thank you very much for a sterling job! Your guys did a great job.

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