06 May 2019
asbestos roof painting

A roof coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. Many roof coatings are elastomeric, that is, they have elastic properties that allow them to stretch and return to their original shape without damage.   Scope of Work performed: Chemical clean entire roof. Seal all roof screws with a polyurethane sealer. Spray apply […]

22 Apr 2019

Anytime we have considerable tiled roof painting to do, we invariably consider utilising an airless sprayer. Once we wrap up all the preparation work, applying paint with an airless sprayer is effective and simple. It retains the advantage of consistent coverage on a range of textures and of getting into all the cracks and crevices […]

02 Nov 2018
asbestos roof painting

Roof spray painting coatings yield a permanent and extremely effective waterproofing result in a simple two-step process. All loose asbestos fibres and lichen are encapsulated and bound with a primer. Then a roof spray painting blanket topcoat provides long-lasting protection and a fully weatherproof, UV and dirt-resistant roof that’s guaranteed to last for many years. […]

22 Aug 2018
roof painting

Roof Painting Airless Spray Roof Painting reduces the number of coats required, ensuring the paint penetrates better into pits and crevices, creating less over spray, smoother finish and is a quicker application.  

03 Mar 2018
rusted roof

Roof Painting | Cape Town The Paints we use can be applied to most roof surfaces including metal roofs, are UV-resistant for long lasting protection, the coating has a minimum Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) of 30% reduces roof surface temperature by approximately 10 °C, Cools the interior of your home by up to 8°C, has […]

01 Mar 2018
roof painting

Utilising Roof Painting Contractors and having a roof painted can benefit both the kerb appeal and value of your home. The initial factor to determine before painting your roof is what colour to apply. Specialist paints are available that are suitable for both metal or tiled roofs. These paints come in a broad variety of colours. […]

12 Jan 2018
asbestos roof painting
WORKING HOURS EMPLOYEES HAPPY COMPANIES Asbestos Roof Painting Scope of work: Firstly we High Pressure cleaned the entire roof, gutters and exterior walls. Then we had to Prime roof surface with a co-polymer latex admixture due to the asbestos roof being extremely porous, as the roof was over 30 years old and had never been [...]
01 Mar 2015
Airless Roof Spray Paint

Airless Spray Roof Painting Airless Spray Roof Painting coating have a remarkable ability to stop solar heat transfer. Applied to the external surface of a structure in fluid form they dry to a solid protective finish. Cool Roof coatings can stop up to 90% of infra-red and 85% of ultra violet light from entering a […]