13 Jun 2021
Roof Painting and Repairs

Roof painting and repairs – Roof repairs should be performed before roof painting commences as the smallest problem like a broken roof tile, rusted roof sheet or leaking roof can endanger the structure of your residential home or commercial building roof. Water ingress can cause a lot of damage to your roof, beams, purlins, ceilings […]

07 May 2021

0 Workers 0 Painters 0 Hours Get a Quote Anytime we have considerable tiled roof painting to do, we invariably consider utilising an airless sprayer. Once we wrap up all the preparation work, applying paint with an airless sprayer is effective and simple. It retains the advantage of consistent coverage on a range of textures […]

01 Mar 2018
roof painting

0 Workers 0 Painters 0 Working Hours Get a Quote Conventional Roof Painting Utilising Roof Painting Contractors and having a roof painted can benefit both the kerb appeal and value of your home. The initial factor to determine before painting your roof is what colour to apply. Specialist paints are available that are suitable for both […]

27 Feb 2018

0 Workers 0 Waterproofers 0 Working Hours Get a Quote Preliminary steps to take before choosing waterproofing materials and system. 1. Clean the substrate; 2. Examine the surfaces to be waterproofed; prepare the surfaces; 3.check and renovate the joints and the wells; 4.proceed to the waterproofing of joints and drains. Scope of work completed on […]