13 Aug 2018
Zincalume Roofing

Zincalume Roofing Zincalume Roofing Steel is a metallic coated sheet steel offering two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel. Its revolutionary aluminum-zinc coating formula consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon by weight. By volume, the coating is about 80% aluminum. ZINCALUME products meet the EPA Energy Star Cool Roof […]

01 Jun 2018
roofing southern suburbs

Location: Roofing Southern Suburbs The roofing of this house had reached end of life, this is what we did to remedy the issue. Removed all slate tiles and malthoid. Installed sisilation to entire roof. Installed new charcoal 0.47 IBR ColorBond roof sheets. Installed matching roof barge caps. Secured roof sheets with class 3 non corrosive […]