Zincalume Roofing

The Details

Zincalume Roofing

Zincalume Roofing Steel is a metallic coated sheet steel offering two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel. Its revolutionary aluminium-zinc coating formula consists of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon by weight. By volume, the coating is about 80% aluminium.

ZINCALUME products meet the EPA Energy Star Cool Roof requirements and are listed on the Energy Star website. ZINCALUME is also approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council as a rated roofing product.





Scope of Work

  • Remove asbestos roof and dispose of via certified asbestos removal process.
  • Inspect batons and assess if replacement is required at no cost to the client.
  • Install new Zincalume 0.47mm IBR roof sheets.
  • Secure roof sheets with class 3 non-corrosive roof screws.
  • Install flashing sheets.
  • Install roll-top roof ridges.
  • Waterproof to sidewalls using a 4mm torch-on membrane heat fused to a primed surface.
  • Overcoat all torch-on with Bitumen Aluminium Paint for UV protection.
  • Clear site from all rubble.


About The Project