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Firstly we chemical cleaned the entire roof using non-toxic chemicals, gutters and exterior walls. Then we had to Prime the roof surface with a co-polymer latex admixture due to the asbestos roof being extremely porous, as the roof was over 30 years old and had never been painted before.

We then performed asbestos roof painting on the entire roof using Plascon New Roof Cool (Charcoal Grey) applying 2 coats.c

With Western Capes’ harsh ever-changing weather conditions the cement matrix of the asbestos erodes with the constant soaking and drying of the roof sheets, releasing dangerous fibres.

At H20 Roofing & Waterproofing we use a co polymer latex admixture and then apply 2 coats of acrylic roof coating to encapsulating the fibres.


Latex is a co polymer latex admixture that is designed to be added to mortars and concretes to improve bond, strength and chemical resistance. It is classified as a non-re-emulsifiable bonding admixture. The Latex Mortar Mix reduces cracking through increased mortar flexibility and increases wear resistance under high-frequency traffic.

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