08 May 2018
concrete deck waterproofing

Concrete Deck Waterproofing

In Concrete Deck Waterproofing it is important to understand that concrete floors on their own are not in any way waterproof, in fact, as far as water is concerned, normal concrete behaves like a dense sponge. One cubic meter of good quality dry concrete will absorb the equivalent of roughly 60 litres of water in just 30 minutes!
Concrete, therefore, needs a waterproof membrane over it in wet areas of the apartment such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens to stop water from getting to it in the first place. The usual materials used for internal waterproof membranes include a combination of tiles, waterproof grout, waterproof screeds, epoxy paints and waterproof plastic sheeting.

The most common cause of a ceiling leak is a failure in the waterproof membrane or screed in the floor slab of the upper floor apartment. The failure may be because of natural deterioration of the waterproof membrane, material damage or faulty construction/installation of the membrane. Whatever the cause, the membrane loses its waterproof properties and is no longer able to prevent water from penetrating the porous concrete floor slab and seeping into the lower part of that slab which forms the ceiling of the apartment below.

Strengthens the structure

  • Concrete Deck Waterproofing prolongs the lifespan of your building by limiting ways that water and moisture can enter through ceiling, walls or floor.
  • If these areas are well protected from water intrusion, the structure can avoid damage such as rust, rotting, corrosion and deterioration.

Prevents mould

  • Concrete Deck Waterproofing isn’t only about ensuring the integrity of the structure but also preventing health problems.
  • Moisture build-up in the ceiling and walls causes fungus or mould growth.
  • These microorganisms can cause serious health issues such as allergies, asthma and a weakened immune system.

Reduces maintenance costs

  • Concrete Deck Waterproofing is a cost-efficient solution to save on expensive repairs.
  • When your building is free from water damage, you can expect to have fewer problems maintaining it.

Provides a healthy environment

  • Good waterproofing systems help create a clean living and workspace.
  • It safeguards the property as well as the people in it.

Increases property value

  • No one wants a property with waterproofing problems.
  • Concrete waterproofing systems can prevent structural damage from water.
  • It maintains the aesthetic look of the building and adds value to your property.

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