13 Apr 2018

Torch On Waterproofing, also known as the torch-down roof, is one of the common roofing types used on flat roofs. When installed correctly, it can last from 15 to 20 years. This makes it a cost-effective roof for commercial businesses and the homeowner. What is Torch On Waterproofing? Torch On Waterproofing requires a torch to […]

13 Apr 2018
roof painting

In airless roof spray painting, the fast-moving high-pressure liquid stream provides the energy necessary to overcome the fluid’s viscosity (resistance to flow) and surface tension (a force that bonds the surface of a liquid together) to form a fine spray. In the depiction of spray from a gun, high-pressure forces fluid through a small nozzle […]

09 Jan 2018

Waterproofing When the Cape Town storms approach, residents will too often brush off the news of bad weather, leaving them to panic when they realise the impact might be greater than expected. That’s why it’s best to start preparing your home beforehand as no waterproofing can be performed during a storm. Follow these useful Waterproofing […]