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Roof Repairs – Cape Town

There are several aspects that go into roof repairs in Cape Town. Before you take on a D.I.Y roof repair job, keep in mind that not every problem is as straightforward as it seems. What may seem like a simple job of replacing a few cracked roof tiles could be just patching and covering up a more invasive issue that requires expert help. If you are not sure that what you are dealing with is the full extent of the problem, ensure you call for a free expert inspection and quotation if you are attempting to start the DIY roof repair project yourself.





Scope of Work performed in Cape Town:

  • Fitted Nu-Tec barge boards instead of PVC.
  • Exposed all the concealed gutters by removing existing fascia boards and guttering.
  • Cut back all the roof beams to the correct lengths.
  • Re-Use existing Nu-Tec fascia boards.
  • All boards were affixed with copper screws and not nails to avoid rusting.
  • Fitted new PVC gutters and downpipes.
  • Replaced 30 asbestos slate roof tiles.
  • Repaired roof area where the roof and fascia boards were pulling away slightly.
  • Repair roof beam to ensure roof structure is the correct height in the corner.
  • Secured all loose roof beams where required.
  • Applied 4mm Heat fused torch on around chimney and where House roof and IBR Roof meet.
  • Sealed all Torch On Membrane laps and seams utilsing liquid plastic.
  • Coated all Torch On Membrane areas with silver bituminous paint for UV protection.



roof maintenance - before


Roof Mantenance - After

Roof Painting after Roof Repairs:

We could not perform high pressure cleaning due to water restrictions,

  • Chemically clean roof and manually brushing by hand as tiles where too brital.
  • Applied 1 Coat of Duram Roofcote roof paint (Grey).
  • Applied 1 Coat of Plascon Nu Roof Cool roof paint (Grey)

(15 Year Guarantee on product)



Roof Painting - Before


Roof Painting - after


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roofing repairs cape town

Roof Repairs Cape Town

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